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Does your property have a steep slope? Or are the signs of erosion creeping in? Contact the retaining wall experts at Farrand’s Landscape today for a quote. Based in Coxsackie, serving residential and commercial clients throughout the upper Hudson Valley.

Freestanding & Retaining Wall Installation

Whether building a new home or renovating an existing property, your yard is one of the top considerations. Not only are yards an essential entertainment space for family and friends, but they also help to complete the look of your home. Creating the best outdoor space for your home is not always as straightforward as adding the right patio furniture. Many backyards have hills or slopes that might require features like retaining walls to turn these areas into usable space and protect against soil erosion. Retaining walls are an excellent landscaping solution that add aesthetics and function. The team at Farrand’s Landscape has decades of combined experience in designing and building block retaining walls that will stand up against the elements for many years to come.

If you’re looking to transform the appearance of your outdoor living area, a freestanding wall is a great option to add a degree of luxury that also provides a seating area for guests to gather on the patio around the fire pit.

To schedule an estimate for your next block wall construction project, fill out our online quote request form.

Retaining Wall Construction Process

We employ a four-step design and installation process to ensure that your retaining wall will perform flawlessly. You can count on our retaining wall experts work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to life. Here’s our process:

Site Assessment and Planning

The first step is for our design professionals to walk through your outdoor space and assess its pitch and hilly features. Our team will plan a wall that suits all your yard’s needs, noting your design preferences for material, color, style, and size.

Preparing the Site

Once we plan the wall, the next step is excavation and preparation work. We always dig deep enough to ensure your retaining wall can compete with extreme weather conditions during New York winters.

First Course and Stacking

After the base material (typically gravel) is installed and compacted at a proper depth, we’ll lay the first course of block while making sure each and every block is perfectly level. With the foundational course complete, our crew continues stacking each course with a proper stagger and making cuts where needed. We use pins or glue (depending on the brand/style of block) to secure the wall together.

Finishing Work

Once the courses are all stacked up, the caps are glued on to give your new wall a refined appearance. Followed by back-filling with the proper material, and then our crew will complete the finishing work to prevent water runoff around your wall. This may include building out new landscape beds around your wall by planting shrubs, installing edging and mulch, or laying sod.

Retaining walls are very labor intensive and challenging to build the proper way. Farrand’s Landscape makes the process a joy with expert craftsmanship that prioritizes functionality and charm. Get in touch today to start your next project.

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