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Creative Retaining Wall Design Ideas to Transform Your Yard

Are you looking for unique ways to revitalize your yard? From adding a splash of color and texture, to making otherwise unusable land functional, retaining wall construction can be a great way to redo your property and make the most of your hilly terrain. Read on to learn about a few of the ideas that can be incorporated into making retaining walls more aesthetically pleasing without sacrificing structural integrity.

1. Incorporate Plant Life

You can use retaining walls to create beautiful raised garden beds, or to decorate the area surrounding your wall with vibrant flowers, lush foliage and other greenery. Growing ornamental plants near your retaining wall will add texture and color to your outdoor space while maximizing function.

2. Create Seating Areas

Turning your retaining walls into seating areas is an excellent way to make your outdoor space more inviting and comfortable. Incorporating built-in benches, steps or ledges into your design scheme is a great way to add texture provide additional seating in any outdoor living area.

3. Explore the Wide Variety of Block Styles

Retaining wall block is a popular option for wall construction because the major hardscape brands offer several product lines varying in size, shape and installation pattern. This allows for more customization of your wall while still maintaining its structural integrity.

4. Go Natural

If you want to achieve a more natural look, consider using boulders for your next wall project. Not only will this add a rustic look to your outdoor space, but it can also be more cost-effective compared to manufactured block.

Get a Professionally-Built Retaining Wall with Farrand’s Landscape

No matter what type of retaining wall design you’re hoping to create, there are countless creative ideas to choose from. If you’re located in Upstate New York and need a wall built for function, aesthetics or something in-between, contact the experts at Farrand’s Landscape today to schedule a consultation.

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